Corpus Christi Named the Best City to be a Kid

Hot job markets on the coasts are attracting people to places like San Francisco, Seattle and New York, but if kids had a say in where parents moved, the most popular cities might be different.

In fact, if kids ruled the world, Corpus Christi, TX would be the most popular U.S. city, according to Zillow’s latest analysis.

Zillow analyzed the 100 largest cities across the country, looking for things kids would prioritize when choosing where to live. Instead of moving to cities with good jobs and convenient commutes, kids would move to cities where neighborhood friends are easy to come by, parks and theme parks are nearby, and there are plenty of houses with playrooms, treehouses and large yards.

“Must-haves for families with kids are a lot different than those without,” said Zillow Chief Marketing Officer Jeremy Wacksman. “In addition to a convenient commute, families with kids also want an awesome backyard. Forget the gourmet kitchen – kids want a decked-out finished basement, dedicated playroom or custom treehouse. On this list of kid-friendly communities, currently ‘hot,’ amenity-rich, dense cities like San Francisco and Seattle take a back seat to communities in wide-open places like Texas and the Midwest that offer plenty of room for children to grow.”

Four Texas cities made Zillow’s top 10 list: Corpus Christi, Fort Worth, San Antonio and Dallas. In Corpus Christi, 14 percent of residents are under 10 years old, and the median yard size is almost 6,000 square feet (perfect for a backyard movie night). There are also seven parks for every 10,000 people.

Check out Zillow’s list of the 10 best places to be a kid:

% of Kids Under 10
% of Homes Listed With Kid-Friendly Terms
# of Parks per 10k People
# of Theme Parks per 10k People
Median Yard Size (Sq. Ft.)
1 Corpus Christi, TX 14 6.7 7 .07 5,913
2 Madison, WI 10.6 4.3 12 .17 7,730
3 Fort Worth, TX 16.1 13.8 4 .02 5,742
4 San Antonio, TX 14.6 14.3 2 .04 6,211
5 Greensboro, NC 13.2 7.7 8 .01 10,501
6 Charlotte, NC 14.3 8 4 .03 10,549
7 Tulsa, OK 14.1 9.9 3 .03 7,226
8 Wichita, KS 15.4 8.7 4 .02 7,388
9 Anchorage, AK 14 3.8 8 .03 7,297
10 Dallas, TX 15.7 7.6 3 .02 7,133




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