Before & After: A Sacramento Traditional Goes Transitional

Some home redesigns tackle issues like poor traffic flow and lack of storage. Others address outdated color palettes and unattractive features.

The second floor of this traditional Sacramento home faced all these problems. The three bedrooms and bathroom were begging to be reinvented with a 21st-century makeover.

Adding form and function

Bright pink paint, outdated wallpaper, and unseemly wooden elements were just the surface issues the homeowners faced. Two of the bedrooms and the bathroom required extensive updates, both architecturally and superficially. Both the master suite and child’s bedroom had many areas that lacked function and purpose.

The first step was to take odd and out-of-place elements out of the mix to create a clean canvas. Our design team removed architectural elements like quirky transitions and spaces, and prepared the rooms to be reinvented.

Next, the team decided which elements should go into the space to better represent the family and their lifestyle. We chose a cool and calming color palette to complement the home’s distinct architecture.

Master bedroom

The master bedroom lacked functionality and room for storage, not to mention a cohesive aesthetic. The design team set out to create a cool and serene space for two busy parents. The first priority was to tear off the old-timey floral wallpaper and clear out the space.

Before: tired floral wallpaper and an angled wall on the right; a dire need for additional storage space on the left.
Before: Tired floral wallpaper and an awkwardly angled wall, plus a dire need for light and additional storage space.

The couple needed substantial storage space and plenty of room to move around without bumping into a dresser or wall.

After: Additional closets and an updated, functioning fireplace create a more welcoming space.

We also wanted to create a cohesive and comfortable look with cozy bedding and simple accessories.

After: A simple, breezy color palette makes the room a soothing and comfortable escape.

Master bathroom

The bathroom wasn’t completely out of fashion, but it was dysfunctional – especially for the family to share. It needed a brand-new layout.

Before renovation: the vanity to the left; standing shower to the right.
Before: The vanity and standing shower were crammed into corners, making accessibility an issue.

The bathroom was completely reconfigured, with the door and walls removed and space made for a freestanding bathtub.

After: A new tub, larger shower, and double vanity were welcome additions to the space.

With updated lighting and a neutral paint color to replace the poppy pink and burgundy accents, the bathroom now offers an open, shareable space. Transitional-style tiling, surfaces, and fixtures match the rest of the home’s aesthetic.

Child’s bedroom

To make the homeowners’ daughter’s bedroom truly picturesque, the design team remade the space with a brand-new color palette, updated lighting, and new furniture.

Before: pink everywhere and a need for additional storage.
Before: Pink everywhere and a need for additional storage overwhelmed the room.

Bright teal and white made the bedroom come alive and show off the home’s best architectural elements.

After: White and teal give the room a more grown-up look.
After: White and teal give the room a more grown-up look.

Guest bedroom

What was once a storage room became a functioning guest bedroom.

Before: a room for "stuff."
Before: The room served as a catchall for spare furniture and stored items.

The design team decided to move in a cool and contemporary direction by adding window coverings, a new color palette, new furnishings, and updated lighting to the guest room. Gray-and-white geometric wallpaper contributes dimension, and a daybed perched in the corner awaits overnight guests.

After: A welcoming room for guests.
After: The spare room is now a welcoming haven for guests.

Images courtesy of Valado Mori via Lyon Real Estate. 

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