Before & After: Laundry Room Goes Glam

Laundry rooms are often last to get any love during home renovation. And that’s generally with good reason: they are often cramped and wholly unglamorous. They’re where we tackle loads of dirty clothes, store cleaning supplies, and ditch workout gear.

Whether behind folding closet doors, in a corner by the garage, or in the basement, laundry rooms deserve a little extra attention With a few quick changes and some organizational prowess, you can get your laundry room looking like a space you wouldn’t mind spending some time in – regardless of the laundry pile-up.

From ’70s to stylish

Here’s a before-and-after makeover two homeowners recently completed. The couple started with an uninspiring and dingy laundry room that looked straight out of the ’70s – right down to the washer and dryer.

The room featured orange-tinted oak beadboard, a seashell-shaped light fixture, and beat-up almond-colored appliances – definitely not glamorous. But with a little elbow grease and a reasonable budget, the homeowners were able to completely transform their laundry room into a multi-purpose storage space.

laundry room makeover
Before the makeover.

Any space can be jazzed up in a jiffy with a few simple changes. The first step is to clean it up and apply a fresh coat of paint. For small laundry areas, a bright white or soft gray is the perfect hue to make the space feel larger than it is. This couple chose a clean off-white shade that instantly classed up their laundry corner.

laundry room makeover
After the makeover.

Save space and money in the long run with stacking, eco-friendly models that are water- and energy-efficient. Don’t have a ton of extra cash for new machines? Wait for a sale or set up a payment plan with the retailer.

For a more budget-friendly swap that will make a big impact, replace outdated light fixtures and switchplates with sleek modern ones.


Be nook-and-cranny savvy

Don’t have a lot of space to store all of your laundry and cleaning supplies? Get creative! A bracket on the wall is a great way to keep brooms and mops out of the way, and a narrow-profile cart is the perfect solution for keeping detergent, dryer sheets, and more at hand. If your laundry machines are in a closet, add shelves to the inner wall to cut down on clutter.

laundry room makeover
Brooms and mops tucked away using a wall bracket.

In spite of the fact that most laundry spaces are small in square footage, they can still be multi-purpose areas. Is your laundry room near an exterior door or garage? Make it a mini mudroom, with hooks for coats and bags when you come into the house. Your home will be more organized, and you’ll always be able to find a scarf or umbrella when you need one.

laundry room makeover
A multi-purpose laundry/mud room.

Personality matters

And last but not least, add some style. Hang up some colorful art to provide some pop; throw down a soft rug so your tootsies will be comfortable while fluffing and folding; add a few personal items for a homey touch. Every inch of your home deserves a little bit of personality.

laundry room makeover
The decor can even be laundry-themed.

Don’t leave your laundry room as the ugly spot in your beautifully decorated and organized home. Whether you have a lot of space or little, you can transform your laundry room into a multi-functional area that is both functional and pleasing to the eye.

Just start with simple but impactful changes, like new paint and updated fixtures, then add personal touches and creative organizational solutions. Once you upgrade your laundry room, you’ll be whistling while you wash – guaranteed.


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